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BMW 650 GS

The new BMW F 650 GS. The most unstoppable Enduro in its class. Dynamic and sporty, it is built around a punchy twin-cylinder engine that delivers an impressive 71 horsepower. Light weight and a comfortable low seat ensure outstanding agility, while ABS and tyre pressure control maximize safety. And it is as at home in the big city as in the big wide world beyond. The new F 650 GS. 100 percent BMW. 100 percent unstoppable.

Unstoppable and powerful with it.
The new BMW F 650 GS offers all the power you need, on tap whenever you need it. Its state-of-the-art 798-cc twin-cylinder engine delivers 71 horsepower (52 kW). And that in a bike that weighs just 199 kilograms*. Because the key to performance is not making things harder for yourself than they have to be.

Unstoppable and versatile with it.
City backstreets? Empty highways? Off-road terrain? All of them are meat and drink to the BMW F 650 GS. With a tubular frame that is lightweight yet extremely robust, and comprehensive levels of equipment for maximum rider comfort if you’re up for it, then so is the F 650 GS.

Unstoppable and safe with it.
The new F 650 GS is a bike with an impeccable pedigree. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of safety. Disengageable ABS** ensures supremely controllable handling even in adverse conditions, while TPC** allows the rider to keep an eye on tyre pressure at all times. Because forewarned is forearmed.


Next In Line To The Throne

A brand new look for a famous old name. When it comes to good honest on/off road capability and good times that last …and last, you can’t beat a Yamaha XT250. The new evolution of Yamaha’s cult classic has been completely updated to reach the highest level ever for this category – all without compromising the simple, rock-solid dependability for which Yamaha XTs are famous.

The new, larger capacity 249cc engine is stronger and more responsive, and comes mounted to an all new chassis with a whole new level or braking, handling and suspension performance.

Fuel-efficient all-road expertise doesn’t get more useable nor affordable than this.

Meet the new category king.

BMW 650 gs